• OPC
    • Manhattan
      • Rules-based
      • Model-based
    • Curvi-linear (FrogToe)
  • Design Verification
    • Edge-placement error (EPE)
    • Process-Variation Bands (PV-Bands)
    • Hot-spot detection'
    • bridging and necking detection
    • via overlap analysis
  • SRAF Placement
    • Rules-based
    • Model-bsed
  • Mask Re-targeting
  • M3D
    • Mask "3D Effects" model for more accuracy
    • Constant Scattering Coefficients (CSC)
    • Non-constant Scattering Coefficients (NCSC)
  • Pattern Matching Technology
  • Layout Server/Client Viewer Architecture
    • multiple users simultaneously accessing/processing same layout
    • centralized layout storage
  • Fast litho models for large-area/full-chip processing
  • Distributed Computing with SimRunner




  • Powerful, flexible, and easy to use
  • Supports scalar and rigorous, EUV and DUV technologies
  • Hardware Acceleration, Parallel Processing, Distributed Computing
  • Windows & Linux 32/64 bit
  • Use pre-defined mask technologies, patterns, scanner set-up, resist models or create your own

Rigorous EMF Option

rcwa graphic box smallGraphicBox_TEMPESTpr2

  • Includes FDTD (TEMPESTpr2), RCWA and QuasiRig(TM)
  • Rigorous modeling of mask scattering (FDTD, RCWA)
  • Fast quasi-rigorous modeling of mask scattering (QuasiRig)
  • Rigorous modeling of wafer topography  (FDTD)


  • Distributed computing with SimRunner
  • NVIDIA GPU Hardware Acceleration Available
  • Fourier Boundary Condition (FBC) for fast, accurate EUV mask modeling


  • 2D and 3D implementation
  • fast for small domains
  • very accurate


Main Products

Options to HyperLith (Main GUI for Mask-in-Stepper simulations)

  • Rigorous EMF (TEMPESTpr2 FDTD + RCWA + QuasiRig)
  • Resist
  • Gazillion (GDS/OASIS layouts)
  • SOAPI (Java/MATLAB/Python/Octave programming interface)
  • SimRunner/PSS (Parallel processing/distributed computing)
  • HSS (NVIDIA GPU hardware acceleration)
  • ARMI (PanTune+UWRM)
  • PanOPC (small area OPC)
  • PanSO (free form source optimizer)
  • Advanced EUV Mask Models (PEUV, QEUV, QRCWA)

Options to EM-Suite (main GUI for general EM simulations)

  • Rigorous EMF (TEMPESTpr2 FDTD + RCWA)
  • Resist
  • Gazillion (GDS/OASIS layouts)
  • SOAPI (Java/MATLAB/Python/Octave programming interface)
  • SimRunner/PSS (Parallel processing/distributed computing)
  • HSS (NVIDIA GPU hardware acceleration)
  • ARMI (PanTune+UWRM)
  • PanOPC (small area OPC)
  • PanSO (free form source optimizer)
  • Advanced EUV Mask Models (PEUV, QEUV, QRCWA)


-network license option


-main GUI for film stack analysis

-included for free with EM-Suite or HyperLith

-an accessory program



-GUI for managing material database

-included for free with EM-Suite or HyperLith

-an accessory program



  • smallGraphicBox_ResistSeveral models available including:
    • Full Physics (3D acid & base diffusion, acid catalyzed deprotection, 3D develop)
    • Diffused image (aerial or image-in-resist)
    • Chemically Amplified Lumped Parameter Model (CALPM)
    • New Panoramic Resist Model (PRM) fast and ideal for EUV
  • Free tuning service
  • Free conversion of parameter sets from other resist simulators


Advanced Resist Modeling Infrastructure (ARMI): Resist Calibration with PanTune and User-Written Resist Models


Panoramic Technology Inc. is serious about resist modeling.  We recognize the need for researchers to be able to develop their own resist models, and calibrate these models to experimental data.  We also realize that the information involved may be confidential and that researchers may want to keep their resist modeling expertise "in-house".  And that is why we have developed our "Advanced Resist Modeling Infrastructure" or ARMI.

  • Calibrate resist models with PanTune(TM)
  • Write your own resist-models with our UWRM API
  • Check out the Demo Videos


  • SEM Image Analysis
  • Available as stand-alone tool and/or works with HyperLith
  • Measure both simulated and real SEM images
  • Allows "apples-to-apples" comparison of CD
  • Generate CD and LER Bossungs (with fitting)
  • Local CD uniformity (LCDU)
  • See video!
  • See presentation!

Hardware Accelerated Simulation Server (HSS)

  • smallGraphicBox_HSSSame trusted TEMPESTpr2 numerics, just 10X faster
  • Distributed Computing Capable (different GPU's in different boxes working together on large TEMPESTpr2 simulation)
  • NVIDIA CUDA-capable cards
  • Hardware/Turnkey Systems offered directly from Panoramic Technology
  • See benchmarks


Panoramic Technology has taken advantage of the incredible computing power found in today's nVidia hardware to significantly increase the performance. Depending on the hardware and simulation, performance can be 3 to 10 times faster than multi-threaded CPU simulations.




-advanced EUV mask models



  • Our Core Graphical User Interface
  • 3D geometry editing
  • full-vector aerial imaging with complete control of polarization
  • powerful batching capabilities


Source Optimization

  • Two Source Optimization Algorithms (SO1 & SO2)
  • Easy to use - integrated right into the GDS-Multi-site Mask Pattern
  • Rigorous mask model can be used, both EUV and DUV (EUV presentation, DUV presentation)
  • Anamorphic and asymmetric supported (for EUV)
  • Can optimize over multiple patterns simultaneously
  • See video!


  • smallGraphicBox_SimRunnerTrue Distributed Computing (one large job running across multiple machines on the network)
  • Parallel Processing (batch distribution)
  • Multi-core/Multi-processor/Multi-machine
  • Completely cross platform (Windows/Linux 32/64-bit)
  • Facilities for large clusters
  • Interfaces with load-sharing software